Sure Ways To Get A Man Hard

  Learning and understanding how to get a guy hard may seem like a difficult task. After all aren’t all guys different? Even though all guys may have different preferences, likes and dislikes, they are all biologically very similar. This is excellent news for females, because it means that you can literally always have the upper hand. If you are into a guy, or you are in a relationship with a guy and want to learn,how to get a guy hard, not to worry. Today we are going to share with you exactly what you need to and how to do it.


  1. Always be mysterious
Men like a layer of mystery and excitement. They do not want to see everything right from the start. This means that you should always add a layer of mystery to everything which you do and say. One of the best ways to turn a guy on is to not to reveal everything at once. Rather picture an onion and allow him to peel off the layers. If you send him a text keep it a bit mysterious, playful, flirty and fun. Example: “I can’t wait for after dinner…” Leave the rest blank with a couple of dots and let him picture the rest. Give them some mystery and this gets them very excited.
  1. Playful, flirty and fun
When you are sitting next to your guy or a guy that you are interested in, be sure to be playful, flirty and fun. The trick is not to be too obvious but also show him you are interested at the same time. Some tricks to getting him hard is play with your hair, touch him lightly when you talk to him, touch his shoulder, or if you are daring enough his thigh, let him know that you are interested but play a bit hard to get. Playful and flirty is guaranteed to get him, every single time. Tease them and they will get very excited, just try it out and you will see.
  1. In the bedroom
When you are in the bedroom, or even just making out at the beginning stages of your relationship, find out what he likes. Small things like kissing him gently all over, from his head to his lips to his stomach. Tease him a bit by sucking gently on his finger or lightly nibbling his earlobes. Men swear by these techniques and tricks, so try them out and experience the results. You can come back to thank me later, it’s a pleasure ladies.
  1. Show him confidence
Guys are attracted to confidence, but be aware arrogance is not sexy, confidence is. There is a different between the two, you need to be sure of yourself and make him see that you are confident in your own skin. Confidence is a huge turn on to a guy especially if you can dress the part. Dress in a manner that reveals some skin but not too much, be confident in everything which you do and say. Leave all the negativity and self-doubt far away from him. Whatever you do, never mention how fat or insecure you feel. Your goal is to make him hard and to do that you want to show him what a confident person you are and how you are not afraid to be adventurous and fun.
  1. Give him a massage
Nothing in the world will turn a guy on more than a really good massage. Make sure that you look the part and that you are wearing your hair loose. Use essential oils and different types of massage techniques. If you really want to impress him, you could even take a secret course in massage and not tell him. Before you give him the massage do not let on, how good you are at. Leave it a surprise, and be humble when he gives you compliment. Let him take his top off and give him the best massage of his life.
  1. Discover what he likes
One of the best ways to learn how to get a guy hard is to ask him directly what he likes. Once you get to know him better, and he is able to open up to you, you will know exactly what does it for him. The great part about knowing what turns him on is that you can always use this to your advantage when you need to. If it it early stages of your relationship and you are just getting to know him, one of the ways you can get him to “spill the beans”, is if you open up first. If you tell him honestly what you like, the chances are high he will open up to you too. Once you know what he enjoys, he is pretty much putty in your hands after that. They may appear all hard on the outside, but the truth is they really are all soft on the inside, especially if they really like you.
  1. Guys are visual creatures
It is super important to remember that guys are visual creatures. You need to bear this in mind at all times and understand exactly how guys think. In order to effectively turn your guy on, it is essential that you look your best. Things like changing your hair styles from time to time will help too. Never wear you best outfits at the start of a relationship, bring them out when he least expects it. Play around with your looks and wear make up on occasions, pretty earrings and buy some new push up bras. Always dress and smell your absolute best. Give him something wonderful to look at, and keep him focused on you.
  1. Be gentle but suggestive
It is important to make the guy feel like the man, allow him to feel manly and treat you like a female. Do not be aggressive or too forward as this is a sure way to turn him off and quickly. At the end of the day you need to strike the balance between being gentle and seductive, yet not forward or aggressive. This may seem like a difficult task but there are ways to show him that you are a bit adventurous and naughty, however he needs to get to you know better if he wants to discover more. It is always a good idea to make him work for it, instead of just giving it to him on a silver platter. At the same time it is important to be suggestive and add a hint of mystery to the equation. All men will tell you that is one of the best tried and tested methods on how to get a guy hard.