Stay single until you find someone who pushes you to love more, to smile more, to be more.

Stay single until you find someone who encourages you to follow your dreams. Someone who will pick you up from the floor every time you fail and remind you that you did your best, that you’re capable of anything you set your heart on, that you should never give up. Someone who knows what to say during a pep talk to convince you to try again. To keep going. To work your ass off and achieve your dreams.

Stay single until you find someone who makes you want to be a better person. Not someone who wishes you were different, who tries to change you. Find someone who accepts you, flaws and all. Someone who loves you for exactly who you are. But since you love them, you want to become better for them. You want to become more reliable, more successful, healthier, happier. You want to be all you can for them, because you honestly believe that they deserve the best and want to give that to them.

Stay single until you find someone who is willing to put your happiness ahead of their comfort. Someone who will understand that your work is just as important to you as your relationship. Someone who understands that sometimes date night will have to be canceled so you can go to a meeting or catch up on paperwork.

Stay single until you find someone who wants you to put as much energy and effort as you can into your passion. Who doesn’t whine when you’re too busy to see them, because they understand you have work to do. Who doesn’t care if you make more money than them, because they’re proud of all you’ve accomplished. Who doesn’t mind if you have to move across the country to fulfill your dreams, because they’re willing to figure things out, to sacrifice something of theirs in order to help you find happiness.

Stay single until you find someone who understands how much you care about your dreams and helps you turn them into a reality.

You can’t create a life with someone who gets jealous of your successes. Someone who wants to have you all to themselves. Someone who hates when you spend an extra hour at work, hates that you have a life of your own. You can’t be with someone who wants all of your love directed toward them, so you don’t have any left over for your passions.

You can’t date someone who keeps you in one place, who doesn’t want anything to change and convinces you not to apply for that job, not to accept that promotion, not to even think about moving away. You can’t date someone who only cares about how something will impact them and doesn’t give a damn about your dreams.

Stay single until you find someone who pushes you forward, because love should never hold you back