Squirting: How To Make A Woman Squirt Like She Is Peeing

Squirting is very real, and there are easy ways to make a girl squirt almost every single time you have sex. All you need is to focus on the right things.

It’s amazing that in this day and age, when we can explore the depths of outer space and map our entire genome, medical science still understands so little about female sexuality. We know that female orgasms are real, but we don’t really know what causes them. And anyone who occasionally watches porn probably knows that squirting sometimes happens, but nobody really knows how or why it does.

What we do know is that when it does occur, it comes with intense pleasure and usually full body orgasms that are unlike any other that women experience. Men who can cause squirting, or female ejaculation as it’s sometimes called, can become a woman’s addiction. They can be the guy she never forgets. But it’s about more than just the technique. Guys need to build trust and make a woman feel comfortable, as some women may be embarrassed by this phenomenon.

Besides trust, squirting takes teamwork. A couple needs to work together to make it happen. Most women can’t do it unless they are extremely turned on, and that means a lot of foreplay. And even if a guy does everything right, a woman still has her part to play. So ladies, read on until the end to see what you need to do. You’ll be glad you did.

What is squirting?

Squirting is caused by intense stimulation of the G-spot. The liquid, which is usually clear comes out of the urethra, but it is not pee. Even today, many doctors believe that it is urine, and some even recommend surgery for women who experience female ejaculation. This is totally wrong. While science is unsure about where the liquid comes from, it sure doesn’t come from the bladder and it sure isn’t pee. The most likely source of the liquid is a set of ducts, known as Skene’s glands.

All you need to know is that causing a woman to squirt is safe, and the liquid is harmless. There’s absolutely nothing about it that’s any more disgusting than sex. It’s a totally normal bodily function that just happens to produce insanely great orgasms. Oh, and it’s much easier to clean up after, than when men ejaculate.

1 Setting the stage. Alright, enough about the physiology, time to learn how to get her there. But hang on, before we get down to business, it’s imperative to make sure she’s absolutely comfortable and you both are ready.

Guys, you will need to make sure your fingernails are clipped and filed and have no rough or sharp edges. Ladies, you should pee before you start. Although squirting is not pee, the feeling before you do it will be similar to when you need to pee. Knowing you don’t need to go will help put your mind at ease.

Start out the way you always should, with lots of foreplay. The more turned on she gets, the easier it will be to get her to squirt. Work your way down past all her erogenous zones, and then start giving her oral sex. The hotter and wetter she gets, the easier it will be to find her G-spot, which swells when she gets aroused.

While sucking her clitoris, slip one finger inside her with the nail facing the direction of her anus. Bend the finger back towards yourself, so it makes a hook. As you do this, you should find her G-spot on the upper frontal wall of her vagina. It will feel rougher than the smooth skin surrounding it.

Apply light pressure and massage it by straightening and re-bending the finger in a “come here motion.” After a minute or two, add a second finger and continue the same massaging motion. It should be easiest with your index and middle fingers.

2 Priming the pump. At this point, she should be fully aroused and building up towards orgasm. Put a pillow under her hips so her pelvis is raised, and kneel next to her. No matter how wet she is, it’s a good idea at this point to bring in a lot of high quality lube. If you’ll be having sex after with a condom, it must be water based. Fully lubricate her clitoris, the palm of your hand and your middle and ring fingers.

She’ll need to spread her legs fairly wide which can make women feel vulnerable. Add to that feeling the fact that she’s trying to squirt, and she may be feeling very uncomfortable. Constantly reassure her by telling her how hot she looks, and how excited you are to make her squirt. Gently push your two fingers inside her. Your pinky and index finger will point down along her thighs toward her butt cheeks.

3 The home stretch. You’re getting her close, but remember all women are different. From this point, you could have her squirting in under a minute, or it could be 10 or 15 minutes. Be patient. Curl the two fingers that you have inside her up, until they are pressed against the front upper wall of her vagina, just below her G-spot. Press your lubed-up palm against her clitoris, and start pulling and pushing your whole hand up and down.

By doing this, you will have two fingers rubbing back and forth across her G-spot, and the palm of your hand stimulating her clitoris. Your whole hand moves, even the two fingers you have outside will rub up and down her thighs. You should do this quite quickly, two to three up-down cycles per second. Don’t be rough, and make sure she’s not in pain, but this should not be uncomfortable for her, if you’re doing it right.

As you do this, you’ll bring her pleasure level steadily up. She may writhe and squirm, as the intensity becomes almost too much. Use your free hand to push down somewhat firmly on her pubic bone, just above the hand that’s working. This will also help to push out the water when the time comes.

4 Fountain of joy. When she is just at the point of climax, you should feel her G-spot push out, almost like a bubble is forming under your fingers. When this happens, pull your fingers out. It may be better if you keep stimulating her clitoris, or it may be too intense, it just depends on the woman. If all goes well, when you remove your fingers she will squirt, either just a little, or even quite a lot. It may also just trickle and pool under her. Keep some towels around just in case. She should also have an intense full body orgasm that can leave her writhing in ecstasy.

Just before she’s ready to squirt, a woman will feel a sensation like she has to pee. Don’t worry, it’s not pee. It’s believed that women often or even always squirt when they have G-spot orgasms, but that they clench up and force the liquid up into the bladder instead of out through the urethra. To get the full squirting orgasm experience, a woman needs to push out with her pelvic floor muscles. It will feel like she is going to pee, but she has to trust her body. Once she can do it, she’ll know. The feeling is totally different from peeing.

5 Troubleshooting. It’s entirely possible, even likely, that this won’t work the first time you try it. It takes both partners doing it just right to work. Some women may simply not be able to, but for the potential payoff, it’s surely worth trying. Women can increase the likelihood that they’ll squirt by doing Kegel exercises. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. Even without ejaculation, it should still give her an orgasm that’s out of this world.

Couples will need to work together on making her squirt. With practice, you may be able to do it in other positions, with toys, and from sex. And remember, a woman will never forget a man who can give her such a body-rocking climax.