How To Locate And Stimulate The Gspot The Easy Way


The G-spot, has been the spark of much debate. Its very existence alone is questioned by scientists, doctors, and laymen alike. Some women roll their eyes at the mention of it, while others swear by its pleasurable presence. Regardless of your belief, the G-spot is said to be located right behind the clit. In fact, it is believed that the G-spot is simply the inside portion of the clitoris.

This spongy pad can be found a few centimeters up the vagina on the front wall. If you need a frame of reference, just look where the clit is and press your fingers up against the back of it. Women are said to respond to rhythmic stimulation to their G-spot. The G-spot should be massaged firmer than you would the clitoris.

How can you give her pleasure through the G-spot?

1 Wash your hands. Just because you’re getting down and dirty, doesn’t mean your hands should be. Since many women are prone to UTIs given by dirty penises and fingers, do the polite thing and wash your hands before your put your fingers anywhere inside your woman.

Sure, it may ruin the spontaneity, but a UTI will ruin sex for the next week or so, so don’t skip this step. While you’re at it, make sure your nails are properly clipped, so that you don’t scrape her poor pussy on your way in.

2 What it feels like. Part of the reason the G-spot is so highly questioned is because of the varied reactions this certain spot seems to get from women. For some women, G-spot stimulation feels like a deep tingle, akin to feeling like she has to pee, while some women find the G-spot incredibly pleasurable, and yet others say they feel nothing sexual at all from having their area touched. It really depends on your partner.

For men who are feeling their way in, the G-spot will feel like a bumpy, ridged pad, much like the texture on the roof of your mouth.

3 Be patient. Finding the G-spot should be a fun, kinky experience that opens up communication between you and your partner. It may become frustrating to keep up the search, but don’t let it ruin the experience. Showing your frustration will only make her feel like she’s under pressure. Sexual exploration should be something fun you share with your partner, not a surprise pop-quiz.

4 The best positions for G-spot stimulation. If you’re not using your fingers or a sex toy to tingle her G-spot, here’s a few suggestions for the best sex positions for G-spot stimulation.

Doggy Style. This position is one of the absolute best for G-spot stimulation, since the penis can get in deeper with more friction. Have your man saddle right up to you so that your clit bangs against the base of his penis with each shallow thrust for a perfectly blended orgasm.

Missionary, her legs over your shoulders. When she puts her legs over your shoulders, you’re practically guaranteeing your penis to hit her G-spot. In this position you’ll be at a prime position to rub up against her front vaginal wall. This position may feel uncomfortable for her at first, so if it hurts, just go slow.

– Rocking back and forth, cowgirl style. Girl on top is a great position for a g-spot orgasm, especially if she is rocking back and forth and deciding her own angles and the speed of penetration.

The famous “come hither” hand motion. Prop her legs up as she would for missionary, or for guys with extremely flexible girls, hold her legs up in the air and enter her vagina with two fingers and use a “come hither” motion. This is said to be the best way for your fingers to stimulate her G-spot, if you’re not sure where it is.

5 Don’t leave out the clit. Some women find they won’t be able to orgasm through G-spot stimulation alone, and clitoral stimulation is still needed. Even if that’s not your partner’s case, just because you’ve found her inner pleasure-zone, doesn’t mean you should leave the clit out of the fun.

Women have a fantastic ability to have what’s called a “blended-orgasm,” meaning the more multi-stimulation you add, the better it’s going to feel for her. While you are stimulating her G-spot with your penis or two fingers, try using your thumb to circle her clit. This should result in an extremely satisfying orgasm.

6 If you can’t find it, communicate. Communication will be your best friend while you’re on the hunt for your partner’s G-spot. While it may seem cooler to head into her vagina with the confidence of a pro and tingle her special spot right away, this is not likely to be the case. Make your search an adventure and make sure to let her know when you’re getting warmer.

7 Why you may be out of luck. Some studies show that while the elusive G-spot does exist, it may only exist in women who can have penetrative orgasms. If your woman doesn’t come from just plain old sex, you may be out of luck with her G-spot.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up your quest for pleasing her via G-spot! But remember to have fun in other sexual ways as well, so that she doesn’t feel pressured to achieve a G-orgasm just to stroke your ego.

Be patient on your hunt to find her G-spot, and she’ll surely thank you for it. Remember to communicate with your partner and have her tell you what feels good, so you’re not searching in the dark. Don’t get frustrated. After all, if you can’t find it, there are still plenty of ways to get your girl off that will have her just as pleased.