3 Most Effective Romance Ideas To Increase Intimacy With Your Wife


First of all, congratulations for seeking advice about how to romance your wife again. You are one of the few smart men who know that the way to be intimate with a woman is through her heart and mind. With every romantic gesture, you will get closer and closer to her.

Romance is the action of focusing on making her feel your love — both emotional and physical — because this feeling strengthens the bond between lovers, connecting you together through your hearts.

Romancing your partner is a gift you give yourself too. It’s not about keeping score. In fact, keeping score is fruitless — love is immeasurable. And it doesn’t matter if, at first, you do “all the work” of romancing her. Keep at it and soon she will be romancing you back. Because romance is simply irresistible.

When it comes to romance, the more you give, the more you’ll get. Start giving freely and you’ll see that more of your day is sweet, happy and full of love.

How To Bring Her Closer
Teach your partner how to love you back in ways you most enjoy. Romantic gestures range from subtle flirting to outright seduction and even vulnerable declarations of love.
Tell her explicitly the joy you get from romancing her. That you don’t do it to get anything, you do it for the pleasure of seeing her thrill to your advances. Because this joy you get will naturally evolve into more opportunities for physical intimacy.

Optimize Your Romantic Moments

When it comes to romance, the ultimate present… is being present. Move toward being right in the moment with her, fully present with her. Try to let go of your absolute plan for a romantic encounter and just go with the flow of her reactions. That way whatever you do will feel natural instead of forced or pre-planned. Leave some space for spontaneity in the creation of your romantic plans.

Now it’s time to understand and appreciate how powerfully our physiology, especially hormones, impact her feelings for you. The more you understand the root behavior of women’s emotional and physical reactions to sex and love, the better you can leverage the little time you have in your busy schedule and make the right moves that work like magic to thrill her to you.

Rejection-Proof Your Advances
Rejection is the most gutting of experiences. It contracts you and makes you feel badly about yourself. I understand, it’s hard NOT to take rejection personally.
If one of your romantic advances gets rejected, understand that it may have nothing to do with you specifically. There is no such thing as failure, if you look at it merely as feedback.
Bring a compassionate heart to your communications with your woman. She doesn’t mean to make you feel badly, so don’t let it! Just live and learn, move on and try another romance idea. You’ll find what works for her.

We are wired to do anything we can do to AVOID rejection. Sadly, this sometimes can include not bothering to romance her at all because we’re afraid she’ll reject our advances or shame us.
That means we’re not being romantic because we’re afraid of rejection.

And here’s the solution…

Romance She Can’t Resist
How can you know for sure that your romantic act will be accepted?

Start small.

Start with the classics.

Flowers, candy, lingerie, perfume…

Please don’t think flowers are a romantic cliché unless you’ve actually given her flowers in the last thirty days. Please, PLEASE don’t overlook the classics. They are classics for a reason.

How To Escalate From Romance To Passion

You are smart to start with romance if you want to create a passionate relationship with your woman. Women need a slow build up to more physical intimacy and romantic gestures create the foundation of safety and proof of your love that most women need to feel more amorous.

When you romance her, separate the romance from the lovemaking. Just let her enjoy your acts of romance without expecting more. Keep your romance separate from your seduction so she feels that you are loving her without an agenda.

When you are ready to escalate into more overtly physical intimacy, use seduction skills instead of romantic gestures.